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          Welcome to our Shul's Website!


Thanks for visiting!

We are a small but historic Jewish community located in Ellington, CT.

We have the only Modern Orthodox Synagogue and Kosher Orthodox Cemetery located east of the Connecticut river in the Hartford region.

Our shul is located at 236 Pinney St, Ellington CT, 06029-3622

This site is still pretty new, expect more resources soon!

          Shabbos Services


We're currently holding Shabbos services on the First and the Third Shabbos of each civil month at 9am on Saturday.

Please use the calender found in the navigation bar to the left for schedules.

Shabbat at OU.ORG



Congregation Knesseth Israel

High Holydays 2008/5769

Please join us as we conduct our one hundred second annual High Holiday services here in Ellington. There are no charges for seats and no aliyahs will be auctioned. Services will be lead by Rabbi Simenowitz this year.

Also, synagogue dues are due in the amount of $200. Please send your payment to:

Congregation Knesseth Israel

Louise Cohen, Treasurer

171 Abbott Rd

Ellington, CT 06029

Have a sweet new year. Shanah Tovah.

High Holiday Schedule


Erev Rosh Hashana September 29, 2008 / כ״ט בְּאֱלוּל תשס״ח

Mincha/Ma'ariv at 5pm

First day of Rosh Hashana September 30, 2008 / א׳ בְּתִּשְׁרֵי תשס״ט

Shacharis at 8am, Mincha/Ma'ariv at 5pm

Second day of Rosh Hashana October 1, 2008 / ב׳ בְּתִּשְׁרֵי תשס״ט

Shacharis at 8am, Mincha/Ma'ariv at 5pm

Erev Yom Kippur October 8, 2008 / ט׳ בְּתִּשְׁרֵי תשס״ט

Mincha at 5pm, Kol Nidre at 5:30pm, Ma'ariv at 6:20pm

Yom Kippur October 9, 2008 / י׳ בְּתִּשְׁרֵי תשס״ט

Shacharis at 8am, Mincha/Ma'ariv at 5pm, Fast ends at 7pm

          Contact Us!


President:             Elias Friedman 860-604-0980

Vice-President:     Irving Bork 860-870-1313

Treasurer:             Louise Cohen 860-872-1035

Secretary:            Irene Langley



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